Love introduction course.After introduction course i know i can do lot’s of cool stuffs on those studios.

Letter press :i can create some really interesting look to letter make them more  fun. Put these cool letter on screen on poster.Makes me exciting.

screen printing: I can do some poster and t-shirts. Amazing!

Also i know lots about Stanley Kubrick.See some storyboard from him.Those are all really nice hand drawing.

Library introduction also really useful . Get to know how to top up card how to borrow and return.By the way the return machine are magic.Also moving bookshelf are magic.Never seen that before.

3D workshop: I saw some machine and they can create some really exciting things like cutting woods and polishing them. And they all got sign on the machine in order tell you how dangerous this machine is. That’t sweets.

I can use almost all the machine free!

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